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For the Athlete in You

Setting your goal — Achieving your goal

The journey between setting your goal and achieving your goal can be enhanced through massage. The mind/body connection manifests itself through athletic form, and when our repetitive postures and movements are brought into awareness the process of healing can begin. Patterned movements and behaviors become almost automatic. They happen unconsciously yet they impact how we think, move and feel. Incorporating a massage routine can be utilized to introduce new awareness into consciousness. By changing our awareness, we can greatly affect our physical well being which is essential for obtaining goals at all levels.

Assessment and Treatment

Pain during a specific movement or a limited range of motion can be isolated to the exact muscle, muscle group or joint allowing the massage session to be very focused. In addition to addressing the immediate area, adjacent areas of the structure are assessed for muscular balance.


Many times before an injury occurs, the stage for the injury is already in place without our awareness. A thorough massage, such as precision NMT, allows for the client to become aware of tender or sore areas and address them before they become injuries.


Once an injury is past the acute stage, massage hastens the recovery process. The greatest benefits lie in the ability of the massage to establish
the original resting length of the muscle, address scar tissue and trigger points in a controlled manner so the muscle can then be strengthened properly.